Elevate Your Outfit

I'm obsessed with scarves and love the way they can lift what otherwise may have been a rather plain outfit...

Other accessories help too and at Shelf Home + Gifts we have a large selection of Scarves, Bags, Earrings and Sunnies to do just that. I thought I'd show you a few of my favourites from a fun photo/video shoot we did recently.

I wore a pair of khaki cargos and a white blouse and as you can see from the images below, I elevated my outfit with some great accessories. I took it up a notch with the Floral Scarf in Almond which has a gorgeous retro vibe in beautiful autumnal tones. I then added White Hoop Earrings from local jewellery designer Love Fool, a pair of stylish Sunglasses from Soek and a gorgeous mustard coloured 100% Leather Amina Bag which has woven detail on the front!

Here's the same scarf but in a black version and it also went really well with this outfit. This time I teamed it with the wee Eliana Leather Shoulder Bag. To complete the look, I added a pair of stylish Ombre Sunglasses which suit the retro vibes of the scarf. Just a side note, we have many cool frames available, so you're sure to find a pair to suit your face shape and style.

Check out the same scarf below with the leather Bianca Bag in Dusty Sand which I should add is now on SALE for $199 (down from $279)

And finally for a pop of colour...this time I went with the Spotty Navy Scarf and the ever popular Raven Bag in Mustard. I love the Lana Sunglasses by Stella + Gemma and you guessed it, I'm wearing the White Hoops!

These are just a tiny selection of what you'll find at Shelf but you get the gist. Remember that great accessories add colour, texture and interest to any outfit. You don't need a full wardrobe makeover to give your look an update. Sometimes all you need is a few great accessories to take your outfit up a notch!

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