Stainless Steel Pegs

Stainless Steel Pegs


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CaliWoods Stainless Pegs have been specially designed to last. They won't rust and look beautiful on the washing line. No more broken, sun-cracked plastic pegs! Marine-grade stainless steel pegs that are made with thicker material, specifically for the New Zealand climate and durability.

Why You Will Love the CaliWoods Stainless Pegs:
No more rusty plastic pegs snapping on the line
Multi-purpose...also great for crafts and sealing packets in the kitchen
They are soft on fabrics - no sharp edges. They can leave less of an indent than your plastic pegs

Box contains 18 x Stainless Steel Clothing Pegs 

Approx Dimensions (boxed): 18cm x 14cm x 4cm


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