Jane Packer's Flower Course

Jane Packer's Flower Course


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Stunning photography and easy-to-follow guides to creating beautiful arrangements make this book a must for anyone who loves flowers. Divided into three sections: flowers to give, flowers for the home and flowers for celebration.

Flowers to Give teaches the techniques necessary for a variety of irresistible floral gifts as well as bouquets arranged in baskets, bags and boxes. Flowers for the Home covers arrangements of all shapes and sizes, while the third section, Flowers for Celebrations, provides all the know-how for party flowers, festive wreaths and table arrangements and last, but not least, beautiful wedding flowers. Jane Packer's Flower Course distils floral expertise and style into one essential volume that imparts all the secrets of creating beautiful floral designs. It's a must for anyone who loves flowers

Approx dimensions: 26cm x 22cm x 1.5cm

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